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Stencil - Deconstructed Zinnia


  • $9.75

Deconstructed Zinnia, designed by Traci Bautista, was inspired by the beautiful lines of zinnia flowers. She deconstructed the flower into flowing doodled silhouettes. This mask is perfect to use on its own, mixed with the negative of the stencil, or with with any of the deconstructed floral stencils in this collection.

This collection is inspired by Traci Bautista's love of florals and the beautiful blossoms she encounters on her daily explorations. On walks, she records the beautiful blossoms through pictures and sketches. Then she uses these photos as inspiration and “deconstructs” the floral shapes in paintings and sketches.

The stencils are meant to be used as separate elements or in combination along with both the mask and outside stencil shapes to build colorful floral layers in your art.

When you receive the stencil and mask they will be connected in just a few spots. Use an Exacto knife or scissors to cut it apart so that you have 2 pieces to use in your art.