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Orange blossom Honey AfterSan Hand Rescue

Orange Blossom Honey AfterSan Hand Rescue


  • $8.25

The ingredients in AfterSan were specifically chosen to target dry hands caused by repetitive use of Hand Sanitizer, frequent hand washing, and protective glove use. This formula is more intense than just regular hand lotion! So many Americans are suffering from broken, rough, chapped hands right now and this product is going to be a great solution for them! The product feels rich and soothing (more than just lotion) but it is not greasy so you can still pick up a pencil and write after using it or even put on gloves right after without them bunching up. That means it can be used throughout the day to treat the dryness without affecting your work! It’s lightly scented (less fragrance than our regular lotion!) in our signature Orange Blossom Honey scent so it is nice for both men and women. Everyone is selling Hand Sanitizer right now… and this is a perfect accompaniment, no matter what the brand of Sanitizer is! We especially see this being a great fit for nurses & other essential workers but in all honesty, it can really go in any store because everyone is using sanitizer right now and washing their hands a lot!

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